RØDE Podcast Equipment Bundle: The Ultimate Setup for Podcasters

Let’s compare RØDE podcast equipment bundles.

RØDE’s equipment bundles come with everything needed to record, mix, and release a podcast. They’ve become a popular solution for business podcasters looking to upgrade their equipment and enhance their show’s quality.

There are three official bundles you can get from RØDE: the Creator Bundle, the Podcaster Bundle, and the Ultimate Podcaster Bundle. Each of them offers more or less equipment depending on the size or setup of your podcast. 

Although they come with plenty of bells and whistles, RØDE’s podcast equipment bundles may not be the best option for every show. That’s why we explore three different options below so you can decide which bundle makes the most sense for you.

RØDE Podcast Equipment Bundles at a glance

What do you get with each RØDE podcast bundle?

You can compare the basics below:

Creator Bundle1 x NTH-1001 x PodMicn/a1 x RØDECaster Duo; PSA1+ professional studio arm; 1x XLR-3$911 USD
Podcaster Bundle2 x NTH-100
2 x PodMic
1 x RØDECaster Duo; PSA1+ professional studio arms; 2x XLR-3$1,323 USD
Ultimate Podcaster Bundle4 x NTH-1004 x PodMicn/a1 x RØDECaster Pro II; PSA1+ professional studio arm; 4x XLR-3$2,347 USD

RØDE Podcast Equipment Bundle features

RØDE is an Australian-based audio company specializing in mixers, microphones, and headphones. They’ve bundled their most popular product — the audio production studio — into three podcast packages: The Creator, Podcaster, and Ultimate Podcaster.

These three packages are essentially ‘prosumer’ bundles offering plug-and-play functionality. Most of the equipment looks the same between bundles, with the main difference being the number of mics, headphones, and cables.

Let’s take a closer look.

RØDE Creator Bundle

The RØDE Creator Bundle was designed for solo podcasters. Each package comes with a single microphone, a pair of headphones, and a microphone boom. The included mixer is the RØDECaster Duo, which is a compact version of the RØDECaster Pro 2.

Here are some features of the mixer itself:

  • 2 analog inputs and outputs
  • 2 Neutrik combo jacks
  • 3.5 mm TRRS output (for livestreaming with a headset)
  • APHEX audio processing (including the popular APHEX Aural Exciter)
  • Bluetooth connectivity (for your phone or wireless speaker)

RØDE Creator Bundle pros

  • This bundle comes with everything needed to start a new podcast, including close-backed headphones, a microphone, a mic stand, and a mixer.
  • The PodMic dynamic microphone connects to a boom arm so you can capture professional-sounding audio in a variety of environments.
  • There are six SMART pads to add custom audio to your podcast, as well as voice effects and mixer actions such as ducking and auto fading.

RØDE Creator Bundle cons

  • This is an extremely expensive podcast bundle compared with other alternatives. It’s more than three times the price of the Squarock COMMANDER M1 (more on this later).
  • You don’t get any podcast editing software with the RØDE Creator bundle. You’ll have to rely on third-party tools like Adobe Podcast AI, for example.

RØDE Podcaster Bundle 

The RØDE Podcaster bundle was designed for two-person shows. You get the same mixer as the RØDE Creator bundle, only this time with enough equipment to host two physical guests.

Here are some (additional) features of the RØDECaster Duo mixer:

  • Hardware audio processors (like Big Bottom, Compellor, and master compressor/leveler)
  • 6 adjustable SMART sound pads
  • MFi-certified USB port (works with iOS devices)
  • 4 physical faders and 3 virtual faders
  • Quad-core audio engine

RØDE Podcaster Bundle pros

  • The RØDE Podcaster bundle comes with two dynamic mics and a call-in feature for remote guests. This means you can record up to three people at once without needing to purchase additional equipment.
  • You don’t need to be an audio expert to set up the Podcaster bundle. Even the PodMics come with built-in pop filters so you don’t have to fiddle with componentry or setup.
  • The RØDECaster Duo is also compatible with wireless microphones. If you choose to purchase these mics in the future, you’ll have more options for on-the-go recording. 

RØDE Podcaster Bundle cons

  • Like the RØDE Creator bundle, there’s no included DAW so you’ll need to purchase or download one separately. Alternatively if you just need basic mic sound improvements Adobe Enhance may be able to fill the gap.
  • The price tag of RØDE’s Podcaster Bundle may fall outside your budget. It’s roughly $400 more than the solo-recording bundle.

RØDE Ultimate Podcaster Bundle

The Ultimate Podcaster bundle is exactly what it sounds like: the ultimate bundle for four-person podcasts. It also comes with the RØDECaster Pro II, which is currently the company’s flagship podcast mixer.

Here are some features of the RØDECaster Pro II:

  • Four mic inputs (also Neutrik combo jacks)
  • All-in-one audio recording (mixing, processing, recording, and playing sounds/effects)
  • Revolution preamps (around -131.5dBV EIN and 76dB of gain)
  • Adjustable touchscreen (5.5-inch screen with haptic feedback)
  • 8 SMART sound pad buttons (plus bank switching for a total of 64 options)

You can learn more about the RØDECaster Pro II in our dedicated guide.

RØDE Ultimate Podcaster Bundle pros

  • Since the RØDECaster Pro II is an all-in-one mixer/interface, you can manage multiple  tasks from the LED screen.
  • You can also record directly to a microSD. There’s no need to rely on an external recording device (like a computer).
  • You can upgrade with regular firmware updates via the RØDE companion app, including custom routing, stereo and multitrack outputs, independent sub-mixes, and more.

RØDE Ultimate Podcaster Bundle cons

  • The Ultimate Podcaster bundle does not include a DAW. If you don’t currently own podcast editing software, you’ll have to invest in this separately.
  • The four-figure price tag may be prohibitively expensive. Unless you’re a larger B2B, you may not have the budget to invest in this equipment.
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RØDE Podcast Equipment Bundle hardware

Here’s what you get when you buy RØDE Podcast Equipment Bundles.

Each of RØDE’s podcast equipment bundles offers the same type of equipment — all except for audio mixers (which only vary with the Ultimate Podcaster bundle). 

The more expensive your bundle is, the more equipment you get for hosting other guests. No matter which bundle you buy, you have access to RØDE’s one-year warranty.

This is what you get with the RØDE Creator Bundle:

  • 1x RØDECaster Duo
  • 1x PodMic
  • 1x NTH-100
  • 1x PSA1+
  • 1x XLR-3

And this is what you get with the RØDE Podcaster Bundle:

  • 1x RØDECaster Duo
  • 2x PodMic
  • 2x NTH-100
  • 2x PSA1+
  • 2x XLR-3

Finally, here’s what you get with the RØDE Ultimate Podcaster Bundle:

  • 1x RØDECaster Pro II
  • 4x PodMic
  • 4x NTH-100
  • 4x PSA1+
  • 4x XLR-3

Should you buy the RØDE Creator, Podcaster, or Ultimate Podcaster bundle?

The best RØDE podcast bundle for your business will depend on the number of guests you want to host.

The biggest difference is the number of items you get, as per the chart below:

 RØDE CreatorRØDE PodcasterUltimate Podcaster 
Mixer typeRØDECaster DuoRØDECaster DuoRØDECaster Pro II
Number of headphones124
Number of microphones124
Number of XLR-3 cables124
Microphone mount(s)✔️✔️✔️

If you’re a solo podcaster, you may want to go with the RØDE Creator. You’ll get all the essentials to start your show.

Two-person shows or podcasts with regular guests may want the RØDE Creator bundle. You’ll have mics for yourself and a secondary host, as well as the ability to host a remote guest.

You may want the Ultimate Podcaster bundle if you have four or more guests. Since this bundle comes with the RØDECaster Pro II, you’re also getting the fully-featured mixer.

How to use RØDE Podcast Equipment Bundles

Learning how to use RØDE Podcast Equipment Bundles.

Ease of setup is one of the biggest selling features of RØDE’s equipment bundles. Each of them comes with a plug-and-play setup process — you don’t need any prior experience to get started.

Here’s how to set up your RØDE podcast equipment bundle:

  1. Unbox your equipment. You should have a mixer, mic(s), cable(s), mic arm(s), and headphones.
  2. Connect the power brick to the power port connection on your mixer. 
  3. Plug your microphone(s) into the correct channels. 
  4. Connect your USB cable to link the mixer to your recording device (such as your podcast recording laptop or PC). 
  5. Connect your mixer to the internet. You can do this with an Ethernet cable, your WiFi, or a USB cable via USB 1. Keep in mind the third method requires the RØDEcentral companion app.
  6. Plug your headphones into the mixer.
  7. Press the power button on the back of the unit.
  8. Tweak your audio levels.
  9. If you have a call-in guest, connect your phone via Bluetooth.
  10. You’re ready to record your first podcast episode.

Here’s a visual guide to setting up RØDE’s Creator and Podcaster bundles:

And here’s a guide to the RØDE Ultimate Podcaster bundle:

Alternatives to RØDE Podcast Equipment Bundles

Not every podcaster wants to invest in a RØDE podcast equipment bundle.

If you’re looking for similar solutions in a package deal, one of these alternatives may suit your needs better.

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Focusrite Podcast Bundle

Focusrite Podcast Bundles are an alternative to RØDE Podcast Equipment Bundles.

Focusrite’s podcast bundles specialize in audio interfaces,  Their two most popular models — the Scarlett 2i2 Studio and the Vocaster Two Studio — come with editing software, headphones, and a single microphone.

In addition to being one-third of the price, Focusrite’s podcast bundles come with a three-year warranty. Just keep in mind this comes with a tradeoff — unlike RØDE bundles, you can’t host call-ins, use a touchscreen, or capture audio clips for later use.

You can learn more about Focusrite’s podcast bundles here.

Maono Podcast Bundle

Maono Podcast Bundles may be suitable alternatives to RØDE Podcast Equipment Bundles.

There are two Maono podcast bundles that compete with RØDE’s: the Maonocaster Lite, and the Maonocaster E2. Each mixer comes with sound pads, microphones, shock mounts, and wired earphones so you can start recording immediately after unboxing your equipment.

Maono’s equipment bundles start at under $100.00, a far cry from the cost of RØDE’s equipment bundles. But the lower price tag also means it comes with bare minimum equipment — you’ll have to pay separately for a DAW, more mics, and better podcast headphones.

We covered everything you should know about Maono podcast bundles here.

Squarock Podcast Bundle

You can use Squarock Podcast Bundles in place of RØDE Podcast Equipment Bundles.

Squarock is a Shenzhen-based audio company offering affordable RØDE alternatives. Their most competitive bundles — the COMMANDER M1 and the COMMANDER M100 — began as a Kickstarter campaign in 2023.

Squarock bundles come with all the basics, including earphones, microphones, and shock mounts. You may not have access to editing equipment, but you can record up to two people using dynamic or condenser mics (depending on the bundle you choose).

This guide to Squarock podcast bundles breaks down the details.

The bottom line on RØDE Podcast Equipment Bundles

RØDE podcast equipment bundles are an investment in your business. It may not be the cheapest equipment on the market, but the quality is unmatched in the audio production world

Just keep in mind that buying great equipment won’t necessarily lead to recording a great show. You’ll still need a team of experts to help, whether that’s with recording and editing processes or social media marketing and online promotion.

The Podcast Consultant has helped hundreds of brands bring their business podcasts to life. Whether you’re launching a new podcast or optimizing an existing show, it’s our privilege to manage the entire podcast lifecycle on your behalf.

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