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A podcast agency with heart

Since 2015, The Podcast Consultant has been on a mission to help every podcast we work with reach its full potential. Our team supports clients worldwide, with especially deep experience in finance and investing podcasts.

Karl Hughes - Co-Owner of The Podcast Consultant
Shannon Rojas of the The Podcast Consultant Team
Easton Doran of the The Podcast Consultant Team
Robert Van Vranken of the The Podcast Consultant Team
Manuel Weiss - Co-Owner of The Podcast Consultant

Our mission

Our team has decades of combined experience in the audio, video and podcast arena, meaning that your show will always be in safe hands.

We prefer to work with – not for – our clients, diving straight into your podcast show and making recommendations from the get-go. Ensuring client success is the top priority here at The Podcast Consultant, with a guarantee to always offer honest feedback and advice.

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What we stand for

Our strong focus on client satisfaction and personal relationships is what makes us stand out. We have a strong commitment to quality, fresh ideas, and to building a good rapport with our clients in order to be valuable partners for the long-term.

We prefer to work with – not for – our clients, diving straight into you podcast show and making recommendations from the get-go.
Our team of 20+ audio engineers, editors, and producers have decades of experience in audio, video, and podcasting. We work with clients to maximize each show's chance of success.
We seek to give honest feedback, even if it isn't easy to hear, because we want to give every client's show the best possible chance of success.
Client satisfaction
Offering a service that's high quality and to your liking is key to us. You can count on us to deliver work that we are proud of and that is done right.
You will always know you are working with actual humans. A personal touch and getting to know your shows, needs and preferences is important to us.
You'll always know about the status of a current request. Providing structure and clarity are a key value of The Podcast Consultant.

Hundreds of organizations produce podcasts with us.

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Our team

These are the people that are proud to help you get your podcasts and shows out into the world. We have audio as well as video specialists and a great team working on your design assets.

  • Karl Hughes Profile Picture

    Karl Hughes

    Co-Owner / CEO

  • Manuel Weiss Profile Picture

    Manuel Weiss

    Co-Owner / COO

  • Mathew Passy Profile Picture

    Mathew Passy


  • Shannon Rojas Profile Picture

    Shannon Rojas


  • Easton Doran Profile Picture

    Easton Doran

    Head of Production

  • Quinn McGraw Profile Picture

    Quinn McGraw

    Head of Talent

  • Robert Van Vranken Profile Picture

    Robert Van Vranken

    Head of Podcast Launching

  • Fraser Simpson Profile Picture

    Fraser Simpson

    Production Orchestrator, Video

  • Robin Fussell Profile Picture

    Robin Fussell

    Production Orchestrator, Additional Services

  • Alex Sevigny Profile Picture

    Alex Sevigny

    Audio Editor

  • Angelina Gurrola Profile Picture

    Angelina Gurrola

    Audio Editor

  • Ann-Catherine Desulme Profile Picture

    Ann-Catherine Desulme

    Audio Editor

  • Caleb Dowdall Profile Picture

    Caleb Dowdall

    Video Editor

  • Cate Howell Profile Picture

    Cate Howell

    Audio Editor

  • David Chatziliadis Profile Picture

    David Chatziliadis

    Video Editor

  • Jamie Stoffa Profile Picture

    Jamie Stoffa

    Audio Editor

  • Joe Gangemi Profile Picture

    Joe Gangemi

    Audio Editor

  • Robert Scott Kelly Profile Picture

    Robert Scott Kelly

    Audio Editor

  • Rob Valois Profile Picture

    Rob Valois

    Video Editor

  • Sam Singleton Profile Picture

    Sam Singleton

    Video Editor

  • Tegan Hoffmann Profile Picture

    Tegan Hoffmann

    Audio Editor

  • William Langlais Profile Picture

    William Langlais

    Video Editor