Podcast Audit

Are you sure your podcast is helping you accomplish your goals? Are there places where you are unsure if you’re doing things right? Can your audio sound better? During our in-depth podcast audit, our team will analyze your show’s quality, presentation, marketing, and overall strategy to see how it compares with the leading shows in your industry.

Andy Eckert from the BioTalk podcast

"Over the years, and after producing more than a hundred episodes, I've got to say that working with The Podcast Consultant (TPC) has been fantastic. They've brought an unbeatable level of commitment to quality, fresh ideas, and a personal touch that's really helped our podcast thrive. The BioTalk team is grateful for TPC's consistent support, and it's been an absolute pleasure working side-by-side with their crew. We couldn't have asked for a better partner on our podcasting adventure."

Andy Eckert
Co-Founder and Producer, BioTalk with Rich Bendis

Podcast auditing by experienced experts

Our team has decades of experience producing, launching, and growing hundreds of podcasts. During our comprehensive podcast audit, we'll assess your show's production quality, searchability, marketing, and more to ensure you're getting the most out of every episode.

Strategy Check

Why are you podcasting? Who is your target audience? What do you want them to do after listening? We listen and review your show to figure out whether what your doing is optimized for your mission and providing the right ROI.

Audio Quality

Maybe you launched this product on your own and didn’t know much about audio or video quality. We’ll review your content and let you know if there is better equipment to use, or just make sure you’re using yours correctly.

Podcast Display

Are my titles too long? Is my artwork effective? Am I showing up in the right place? We approach your show from the perspective of your target audience to figure out whether they’d find your show and click on it.

Marketing Effectiveness

How are you telling the world about your podcast content? We analyze social posts, email language, website posts, and more to see if your talking about your podcast in a way where people will want to check it out.

The Next Level

Maybe you are really happy with the results of your podcast, but you’re wondering if there are other opportunities you should be taking advantage of. We’ll review all of the ways we’ve seen successful podcasters flourish.

Constructive but Compassionate

Friends and family always say your podcast is great, even if it they didn’t listen. We listen and we provide honest and critical feedback from our many years of experience, with empathy and a sense of understanding.

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Podcast audits to understand your listeners

We analyze and help you optimize your podcast to achieve your mission and maximize ROI. Our experts review your equipment for better audio and video quality, focus on your target audience's perspective, evaluate titles, artwork, and discoverability, and more.

To help you capture more clicks and listeners, we examine your promotional efforts and ensure your messaging attracts your audience. Additionally, we explore potential growth opportunities based on successful podcasters' strategies. With our years of experience, we provide honest and empathetic feedback.

I have been working with The podcast consultant since 2016 and they have been instrumental in helping me build a successful podcast. Their editing is always professional and extremely timely. The team goes above and beyond, and if I ever have a question they are always quick to reply with a helpful answer. I always recommend them when asked for a podcast editor/producer.

Ben Johnson

Chess Teacher and host of The Perpetual Chess Podcast

Podcast Audit Pricing

We'll help you create the perfect podcasting plan

Podcast Audit Package

Our experienced audio engineers and podcast marketing specialists review your show and share their findings and best practices.

The Podcast Consultant will

  • Do a pre-audit discovery session
  • Conduct a 1-hour call to discuss findings
  • Provide a written summary of the findings
  • Record a video with actionable recommendations

Price per audit


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The discovery call is free of charge and will be used to get to know each other and to understand your goals.

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