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Give your new show the best chance of success by working with our team of experienced professionals. Remove the guesswork by taking advantage of everything we've learned while launching hundreds of new shows!

Jared Machen - Brownlee Wealth Management

"The Team at The Podcast Consultant is incredible! They've been with us since day 1 of our podcast, making our podcast and video production a breeze. They go above and beyond to meet tight deadlines and they're highly responsive. I would emphatically recommend them to anyone looking to level up their podcast production."

Jared Machen
COO - Brownlee Wealth Management

How to start a podcast with The Podcast Consultant

Take the guesswork out of launching your podcast. Our Podcast Launch program was designed for teams and businesses that know a podcast could help their brand, but have no idea where to start.


To start with, our experts cover every aspect of how you envision your podcast. What are your overarching goals? How long do you want each episode to be? Can you create content every day, every week, or every other week?


Once we have the foundation of your podcast ready, we will put our heads together to come up with a brand identity. This includes agreeing on a show title and choosing what to mention in the description, intro, outro, disclaimer, and trailer.


Some fans prefer audio-only content, while others love watching the hosts interact. Whichever format you choose, make sure each episode features top-quality production elements, from the intro music to the commercial bed ($250 credit included).


On top of that, you want podcast artwork that existing listeners immediately recognize and new audiences are drawn toward. Our graphic design team is on-hand to create artwork that resonates with your message, offering up to 3 revisions.

Time to Launch

We help you decide on the best podcast hosting platform, such as Libsyn or Captivate. Not only that, but our team can also configure and submit your show’s RSS feed to directories across the board: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more.

Guidance and Support

Becoming a successful podcaster is so much more than the content produced on a regular basis. It comes down to the cameras and microphones used, whether the host uses recording best practices, and if the show has a clear direction.

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Podcast launching with industry experts

Most podcast launch packages are focused on the basics, getting your show listed in Apple Podcasts and providing you with subscribe links. We take a holistic approach to starting your podcast journey by exploring why you’re launching a podcast and what key performance indicators (KPI’s) matter most to you.

Whether it’s drumming up more traffic to your business, increasing your thought leadership profile, raising brand awareness, or growing your professional network, we can tune your podcast to hit your goals. If it’s finally time to launch that podcast you’ve been dreaming of, look no further than The Podcast Consultant!

The Podcast Consultant has been a great partner since we launched our podcast in 2021. They helped us get started on the right foot, and have been with us as we expanded our production from publishing audio-only to now video too. TPC’s team and process help us make running our podcast a smooth experience.

Jessica Gibbs

Co-host of the OFF THE WALL Podcast and Partner at Monument Wealth

Podcast Launch Pricing

We'll help you start telling your story

Podcast Launch Program

We've launched 100s of shows and produced tens of thousands of episodes. In this 6-8 week structured program we will work together with you to go from concept to go-live.

The Podcast Consultant will

  • Define goals, publishing frequency, target audience, and timeline
  • Develop a live show with trailer episode indexed by all major podcast players
  • Create show art and recognizable intro and outro hooks that resonates with your audience
  • Recommend recording equipment and software, as well as a launch marketing plan
  • Assist you with recording your first episode, and help you catch and fix any mistakes
  • Ensure your show is distributed to all available podcast and video platforms

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Podcast Launch Guide

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