Podcast Production

Want your podcast to sound like the best shows out there? Let our team of professionals handle your audio production and editing work so you can spend less time editing audio files and more time sharing your expertise.

Corey Hoffstein - Flirting with Models Podcast

"Between the incredible service, fast turnaround time, and consistently high-quality deliverable, it’s obvious why I – and every single podcast host I know – use The Podcast Consultant."

Corey Hoffstein
Flirting with Models Podcast | Co-founder & CIO at Newfound Research

Podcast editing and production done for you

High-quality audio is the key to improving your show's credibility and making your hosts and guests even more credible. Our team of professional audio editors and producers will help any show sound like top shows in the industry.

Remove verbal ticks

Our team of highly trained audio editors will review your entire audio project and remove any umms, uhhs, likes, rights, ya knows, sort of, kind of, or anything else that will make you and your guests sound less professional.

Eliminate coughs, interruptions & pick-ups

Nothing is more frustrating than when you are sitting down for an important interview and you have a coughing fit, or the kids barge in, or any other unplanned interruptions. Our team will eliminate those interruptions seamlessly.

Ensure natural speech patterns are maintained

While our editors are slicing and dicing your audio projects, they are being very mindful to ensure that it still sounds like a natural human conversation. When we do our best job you have no idea we even worked on it.

Tighten conversation gaps without disturbing flow

Need a moment to collect your thoughts? Does your guest take forever to respond to a question? Worry not, our editors will make sure to tighten any gaps to keep the conversation flowing and sounding natural.

Process audio, equalize, add production elements

We’ll do our best to make sure you are recording in an optimal environment, but either way, we’re going to apply effects and other audio plug-ins to get your show to sound as close to studio quality as possible.

Publish the episode on hosting platforms

Once you’re done recording, we take care of the rest, making sure your episode is scheduled correctly inside your hosting platform and that it appears on podcasting platforms.

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High-quality podcast editing and production for top-tier shows

Our team handles the time-consuming task of audio editing and production for over 80 podcasts. Our expert editors ensure professional sounding audio by boosting audio quality, removing filler words and interruptions, all while preserving the natural flow of your conversation.

Once you've completed your recording, leave the rest to us. From scheduling your episodes on your hosting platform to ensuring their presence on various podcasting platforms, we handle the entire process.

This service is just one of the many offered by The Podcast Consultant to give you a more simple, enjoyable podcasting experience. You speak into the microphone and focus on letting the conversation flow. We handle the rest. It's that easy.

The team at The Podcast Consultant have been extremely helpful. I am multiple years into podcasting. We are 5 episodes away from 100 and they had their ears on every single one. In addition to high quality and quick audio editing, the TPC team goes above and beyond to teach me about extra things like microphones, recording devices, and software. A couple years ago, we hired a separate marketing firm to help with our podcast. One of our first conditions was that they had to work with The Podcast Consultant and we wouldn't sign up if that meant we would lose them!

Zacc Call

President Capita Financial Network

Podcast Editing & Production Services

Sound like the best shows out there

Audio Production starts at $250 per episode. Book a call today to learn more.


Great for standard interview-style podcasts

  • Edit audio to remove mistakes, long silences, filler words, coughs, sneezes, and transient noises while maintaining a natural sound and flow
  • Audio engineering to repair and/or minimize hum, hiss, crackle, buzz, and similar artifacts
  • Equalization of individual audio sources, spectral and voice track noise removal, gating, compression, and loudness normalization
  • Addition of post-production elements (music, intro, outro, etc.)
  • Up to three individual audio source tracks or inputs
  • Removal of up to six blocks of audio content at the Client's request
  • Standard show notes that include title, episode summary, bullet points of key topic discussions, and relevant links
  • Complete audio transcript
  • Upload and publish each episode on all major hosting platforms
  • Up to two rounds of revisions
  • 3-4 day turnaround (faster turnaround available for an addition fee)
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Everything in Standard, plus:

  • Detailed audio content edits based on transcript or timestamps
  • Removal and re-organization of unlimited blocks of audio content
  • Episode-specific art based on guest headshots or illustrations
  • Custom show notes and/or transcripts using hyperlinks and custom formatting
  • Upload and publish each episode on any hosting platform, including specialized hosts
  • Up to three total rounds of revisions
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Did you know we also produce social media collateral, audiograms, and video clips for podcasters?

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