Podcast Recording

If you’re not comfortable with the technical side of podcasting or you simply want your guests to have your undivided attention, we can provide remote recording engineers. Someone from our team of experienced audio engineers can be on hand to ensure you get a high-quality recording every time.

Cammie Doder - Money Tales Podcast

"The team at The Podcast Consultant have been a critical part of our podcast team. They are informative, efficient and responsive, which enables us to focus our time on production and other important aspects of creating a podcast. The team at TPC are experts in their craft."

Cammie Doder
Money Tales Podcast - Chief Marketing Officer, Partner, Aspiriant

Stress-free virtual podcast recording done for you

The difference between an amateur and a professional podcast comes down to recording quality and the level of organization. Our remote recording team covers the back-end technical aspects so that you don’t have to, delivering a crisp-sounding podcast episode you’re proud to share with listeners.

We Hit Record

Its every podcasters nightmare, you have an amazing conversation with your ideal guest, and then you look down and realize it wasn’t recorded. With our remote recording assistance, we can be focused on that.

High Quality Backup

When relying on software, there’s always something that can go wrong. With our remote recording assistance, we always hit record in a secondary spot to make sure that if one fails, we’ve still got a copy of your conversation.

Continuous Monitoring

Our engineers remain on the call the entire time listening for anything that could impact the quality of your conversation. If we catch something we’ll step in and make sure every good point is captured at the best quality possible.

Pre-Show Checks

So many times, hosts or guests have a great microphone in front of them, but they forget to change the settings and the recording comes out a low fidelity. Our engineers are trained to make sure that input device is more than just for show.

Easy Scheduling

With our public facing calendar, you can easily see what times our virtual studios are available for recording and lock them in. And with our large pool of engineers, we can staff your recording regardless of what timezone you’re working in.

Better Quality Than Zoom

We love Zoom for its dependability and availability. But we all know its strength is not the quality of recording. We use top tier recording platforms like Riverside.fm to capture 4k video and uncompressed audio locally.

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Podcast recordings of the highest quality

With our remote recording assistance, rest assured that your podcast conversations are in safe hands. We ensure recordings are always backed up, even if there are technical glitches.

Our attentive audio engineers monitor your call to capture every valuable point in the best possible quality. You'll never have to worry about microphone settings, as our trained team guarantees optimal audio input.

Our user-friendly calendar lets you schedule recordings in our virtual studios, and our diverse engineering pool accommodates different time zones. For top-tier quality, we use platforms like Riverside.fm, capturing 4k video and uncompressed audio locally.

Working with The Podcast Consultant is a dream, we always know after getting them our material that we’re going to get back a high-quality episode we can be proud of.

Colby Donovan

Director of Investment Content at Cambria Investment Management

Podcast Recording Pricing

Record the perfect podcast

Podcast Remote Recording Package

We have a dedicated team of remote recording engineers that will help you with your software and hardware setup, record your episode together with you, and assist you along the way.

The Podcast Consultant will

  • Do a pre-show check and be present during your call
  • Help you set up your software and audio equipment
  • Hit record and save a high quality copy as backup
  • Continuously monitor you and your guests conversation

Price per hour (time in call)


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The discovery call is free of charge and will be used to get to know each other and to understand your goals.

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