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Video Podcast Production

46% of listeners prefer podcasts with video over those with just audio. Let our team of professionals handle your video production and editing work so you can spend less time editing and more time sharing your expertise.

Jessica Gibbs - Off the Wall Podcast

"The Podcast Consultant has been a great partner since we launched our podcast in 2021. They helped us get started on the right foot, and have been with us as we expanded our production from publishing audio-only to now video too. TPC’s team and process help us make running our podcast a smooth experience."

Jessica Gibbs
CFP® | Co-host of the OFF THE WALL Podcast and Partner at Monument Wealth

Video podcasting helps build trust and grow your audience

Video helps elevate your brand, build a deeper connection with your audience, and affords more opportunities for podcast promotion. Our team can help you take your video production to the next level.

Fix audio delays & sync issues

Not every recording platform is perfect, but we’ll make sure that the audio and video can sync as closely as possible so the end viewer has a seamless experience and your videos come as highly professional and polished.

Ensure smooth flow of speech

We remove as many filler words and verbal ticks as possible without creating a choppy, uncomfortable experience for your viewer while still ensuring that all participants come across as smooth and authoritative.

Process audio & equalize levels

We’ll work with you and do our best to make sure you are recording in an optimal environment, but either way, we’re going to apply effects and other audio plug-ins to get your show to sound as close to studio quality as possible.

Add extra production elements

We give your video that bit of pop by including names and titles of all participants on the call, call-outs to subscribe to the show on the right platforms, and even advanced graphics to match broadcast quality productions.

Advise on promotional methods

Producing high-quality video will only help your brand if you can get the people in your target audience to watch it. We can coach and advise on best practices for marketing and growing your video venture.

Publish on requested platforms

YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform in the world and even the second largest search engine behind Google itself. But it’s not the only one and we can work with you to make sure we reach your target audience.

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Video podcasts help you reach a larger audience

Video podcast recording is growing in popularity, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. As content can be shared on platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, in addition to their audio-only counterparts, video podcasts do wonders in reaching larger audiences. However, they also require more time for editing – something our clients don’t have, which is why we do it for them!

The Podcast Consultant’s video production service has been launched to expand and elevate your show’s success – without you having to invest any more time into it. Videos guarantee to elevate your show to the next level, and The Podcast Consultant is 100% committed to offering support along the way.

Working with The Podcast Consultant is a dream, we always know after getting them our material that we’re going to get back a high-quality episode we can be proud of.

AJ Ayers

The Liquidity Event Podcast

Podcast Video Production Services

Create the perfect video podcast

Video Production starts at $400 per episode. Book a call today or learn more about our social media clips service.



For up to 1-hour episodes*

  • Assemble and edit video podcast episodes consisting of intro, outro, voice-over, music, and content provided by Client into integrated podcast episodes.
  • Up to three (3) individual video subjects with simple framing (side-by-side speakers or one speaker at a time).
  • Clean up audio quality by removing disruptions, coughs, sneezes, retakes, and tightening conversational gaps.
  • Remove filler words within reason while ensuring the viewer has a pleasant viewing and listening experience.
  • Process audio tracks, equalize levels, and add Client-provided production elements (e.g., 'bug', lower 1/3 graphic, or speaker names).
  • Audio-only podcast version based on the video's final audio track.
  • Upload and publish each episode on YouTube or Vimeo and all major audio podcast hosting platforms.
  • Up to two (2) total rounds of revisions.
  • 72-hour turnaround**
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Includes everything in Standard Video Production, plus up to three (3) of the following Audio Production Add-Ons:

  • Show notes that include title, episode summary, bullet points of key topic discussions, timestamps, and relevant links.
  • Complete audio transcript.
  • Up to six (6) individual video subjects assembled from multiple ISO sources with cuts between sources.
  • Cropping or correction of bad shots.
  • Color and lighting correction and standardization.
  • Inclusion of B-roll (from Client-provided images or video sources).
  • Complex graphics or animations overlaid on video (with Client-provided direction).
  • Detailed video content edits based on transcript or timestamps provided by the Client.
  • Episode-specific art based on Client-provided guest headshots or illustrations.
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Includes everything in Pro Video Production, plus:

  • More than three (3) Video Production Add-Ons.
  • Three (3) or more total rounds of revisions.
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* $150 per each additional 30 minutes of show length. Episodes less than 30 minutes long will be billed starting at $350 per episode.

** 2-day video production turnaround is available for an additional $100 charge.

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