RØDECaster Pro 2: An audio production solution to do it all

The RØDECaster Pro 2 is an audio production studio for recording and streaming.

As you start to develop your business podcast, you may want to invest in more professional quality equipment designed with an emphasis on user-friendly application. There’s a good chance the RØDECaster Pro 2 is at the top of your list, especially if you’re looking for an integrated solution.

The RØDECaster Pro 2 is one of the best-recognized tools for integrated audio mixing. It comes with intuitive podcast recording software and free firmware updates so you can record studio-grade sound without a degree in audio engineering.

But even with each of these positive features, the RØDECaster Pro 2 isn’t the right fit for everyone, and you might opt for a different solution, like the TASCAM Mixcast 4 or the Maonocaster E2. You can use the following guide to evaluate this audio interface and decide if you need an alternative instead.

Let’s dive in.

The RØDECaster Pro 2 at a glance

What does the RØDECaster Pro 2 offer? Check out each feature in this handy guide:

Connection typeSample RatesPhantom PowerInputs and OutputsIncluded ItemsPrice
USB-C Cable48kHz48 voltsInputs: 4 x combo jack inputs (microphone, line, instrument)
Outputs: 2 x balanced line output, 4 x headphone output

RCPII Power Adapter, USB-C to USB-C cable$699.00 USD

Want to see how these specs compare to other top podcast mixers? Take a look at our complete guide to podcast mixers.

Now, let’s take a closer look at its features and hardware, as well as some pros and cons.

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RØDECaster Pro 2 features

The RØDECaster Pro 2 was released in 2022 as a successor to the popular RØDECaster Pro. It also boasts an uncommon feature: the ability to record directly to a microSD, USB, or computer. This offers more flexibility for file storage.

Unwrap the RØDECaster Pro 2, and you’ll see:

  • Nine individually assignable faders: You get six physical faders — one for each of the four microphone inputs, leaving two physical faders to customize your workflow with a channel for USB mics, aux input for incorporating music, and other audio. You also get three virtual faders, which you could use for call-ins or other remote connections.
  • Four Neutrik combo jacks: You can connect a wide variety of mics to these connectors. Guitars and keyboards are also compatible, as well as line level devices.
  • Four headphone outputs: Each of these have their own audio control at the top right of the device. Adjust their volume using the four headphone knobs.
  • Two balance line outputs: These are for plugging in speakers (if necessary for your situation). You could also use them for connecting outboard gear.
  • Two USB interfaces: These are compatible with microphones, computers, and smartphones. You can run up to two different devices at once.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: You can wirelessly connect your phone to stream audio or record call-ins with guests. If you need to step away from the touchscreen, you can also monitor audio from your phone.
  • Three recording options: As mentioned, you can record to a computer, an onboard microUSB, or an external USB device. You can also record in stereo or multitrack depending on your needs.
  • Eight soundpads: RØDE refers to these as SMART pad buttons, meaning they’re for more than just sound bites or pre-recorded tracks. You can also add special effects like reverb or echo, making it a perfect tool for creative livestreaming on the fly. With bank switching, you have more than 64 different options available.
  • Revolution Preamps: RØDE advertises these preamps as ultra-low noise and ultra-high gain. With them, you get -131.5dBV EIN and 76dB of gain.
  • Quad core audio engine: This offers more processing power than almost any other audio engine on the market. It also allows RØDE to provide regular firmware updates and enhance the capabilities of its product.
  • Touchscreen: This 5.5 inch screen with haptic feedback can help you configure specifics for analogue inputs and headphone amps. You can also adjust the brightness to suit your specific environment. 
  • Miscellaneous: The front of the RØDECaster Pro 2 has a rotary encoder, listen and mute buttons, options for bank switching, and a record button. The back has a dedicated USB power port so you can charge the device while it’s in use.

RØDECaster Pro 2 pros

  • Each audio interface comes with APHEX audio processing, including effects like Aural Exciter and Compellor. You also get access to a noise gate, compressor, high-pass filter, and more for each channel, which makes it easier to get clean, higher quality audio without much post-production fuss.
  • The RØDECaster Pro 2 comes with access to RØDE Central, a companion app for configuring SMART pads, downloading firmware, and more.
  • Every RØDECaster Pro 2 wirelessly connects to the internet, although the device is compatible with Ethernet cables if you need to manually plug it into a router.
  • A setup wizard can walk you through the process of recording, naming, and editing your shows. Tapping the screen lets you mark specific spots, making it easier to go back and edit them later.

RØDECaster Pro 2 cons

  • The RØDECaster Pro 2 is more expensive than the average audio interface, more than four times more expensive than alternatives like the PreSonus Relevator io24 (more on this later).

RØDECaster Pro 2 hardware

Understanding the RØDECaster Pro 2’s hardware.

Every purchase of the RØDECaster Pro 2 comes with:

  • Your RØDECaster Pro II
  • A RCPII Power Adapter
  • A SC27 USB-C to USB-C Cable

RØDE also recommends compatible hardware like:

What is the RØDECaster Pro 2 used for and how to use it

Learning how to use the RØDECaster Pro 2

The RØDECaster Pro 2 was designed with adaptability in mind, which means it’s easily customizable for podcast hosts, streamers, content creators, and musicians. 

Getting it set up only requires a few steps:

  1. First, you need to gather the equipment you need. Besides what comes in the box, you also need a microphone, an XLR cable, and a pair of headphones.
  2. Prepare your audio interface for recording. You can connect your device with a computer, record locally to a microUSB, or use an external USB storage device.
  3. Power on the device and follow the setup wizard. You may need to connect to the internet for an update.
  4. Connect your microphone to the first input at the back of the device. Next, plug in your headphones and test the audio.
  5. Tap the channel button for your microphone and customize its audio to your liking. You can apply processing and effects, add phantom power, and adjust gain via the touchpad.
  6. Press the record button to begin capturing your audio. You’re ready to start editing and promoting your show.

If you want additional guidance for setting up your RØDECaster Pro 2, you can use this guide provided by the company. Prefer video formats instead? Check out the video below:

Does the RØDECaster Pro 2 need a computer?

No, the RØDECaster Pro 2 does not need a computer to record audio. However, it can be connected to a computer if you wish to record directly on your device. 

You have three options for recording a show on the RØDECaster Pro 2:

  • MicroSD card
  • External USB
  • Connecting to a computer

If you need to record remotely and don’t have access to your usual device, just take along a USB hard drive or record directly to the microSD card and capture your audio computer-free. 

Just keep in mind RØDE doesn’t sell storage devices directly. You need to hunt for another provider and purchase external storage separately.

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Does RØDECaster Pro 2 have software?

The RØDECaster Pro 2 gets frequent firmware updates.

The RØDECaster Pro 2 is equipped with upgradable firmware which receives regular updates via an internet connection. To date, RØDE has released several firmware updates, including:

  • Custom routing for USB outputs
  • Stereo and multitrack outputs on USB main
  • Independent sub-mixes for each output

Want to try new software updates before they go live? You’re welcome to access beta firmware through your RØDECaster Pro II.

Alternatives to the RØDECaster Pro 2

If the RØDECaster Pro 2 isn’t a good fit for your team, you can try one of the other audio interfaces listed below.

PreSonus Revelator io24

The PreSonus Revelator io24 may be a suitable alternative to the RØDECaster Pro 2.

The PreSonus Revelator io24 is a smaller audio interface with fewer customizable options than the RØDECaster Pro 2. While it lacks soundpad buttons, additional mic inputs, and a touchscreen, it does come with phantom power and thousands of dollars in podcast editing software.

You can explore our full review of the PreSonus Revelator io24 in this guide.

ZOOM PodTrak P4

The ZOOM PodTrak P4 is one alternative to the RØDECaster Pro 2.

The ZOOM PodTrak P4 is a handheld audio interface with a similar price to the PreSonus Revelator io24. Like the RØDECaster Pro 2, you get four mic inputs and up to two channels for remote call-ins. Just keep in mind it doesn’t have the same number of soundpads or the ability to bank audio effects for later.

Feel free to explore the ZOOM PodTrak P4 in our dedicated guide.

If you’re looking to learn more about the P4’s sibling, the ZOOM PodTrak P8, we’ve got you covered with this guide.

The bottom line on the RØDECaster Pro 2

The RØDECaster Pro 2 is an advanced prosumer device for podcasters wanting to customize their recording experience. While it may be more expensive than other audio interfaces, its features and upgradability may be worth the extra money.

As you start to invest in professional podcast equipment, be sure to consider professional podcast services as well. It may be time to request assistance with podcast audio or podcast video production. You may also be interested in launching a new podcast or an audit of existing shows to evaluate your performance and brainstorm potential improvements.

The Podcast Consultant is ready to help with all these services and more. You’re welcome to book a discovery call to chat more about what we can do.