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Maono Podcast Equipment Bundles: A Detailed Guide

Let’s compare Maono podcast equipment bundles.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to kickstart your business podcast, a Maono podcast equipment bundle may be what you’re looking for. These cost-effective packages include everything necessary to debut your show, including microphones, cables, and a mixer/interface.

But Maono offers a lot of bundles, so making the right decision can feel overwhelming. What’s the best bundle for your business needs? And how do you get up and running fast?

We will look at two Maono podcast equipment bundles here: the Maonocaster Lite, and the Maonocaster E2. We’ll also touch briefly on honorable mentions since many of them work well for podcasters without existing equipment.

Don’t think Maono offers what you need? We look at three other alternatives so you can pick the best bundle for your show.

Maono Podcast Equipment Bundles at a glance

What are the differences between the Maonocaster Lite bundle and the Maonocaster E2 bundle?

Here are the basics you should know:

Maonocaster LiteWire earphones
AU-PM360TR condenser microphone, mic tripod, and windscreen muffn/aUSB A-C charging cable;Two 3.5 mm TRRS audio cables; user manual
$79.99 USD
Maonocaster E2Wired earphonesMaonocaster PM320 XLR microphone; mic stand; shock mount; pop filtern/aUSB A-C charging cable;Two 3.5 mm TRRS audio cables; user manual$169.99 USD

Maono Podcast Equipment Bundle features

Maono sells 13 different podcast bundles, ranging from solo recording solutions to two-person kits. By far the most popular are the Maonocaster Lite and the Maonocaster E2 — they’re some of the most affordably-priced bundles on the market.

Let’s take a closer look.

Maonocaster Lite

The Maonocaster Lite supports both live streams and pre-recorded shows. It’s a plug-and-play solution you can get up and running quickly, which makes it a popular option for podcasters just starting.

Here are some features of the mixer itself:

  • 2 mic inputs
  • 1 headphone input
  • 6 audio presets (including pitch, denoising, sidechaining, and more)
  • 12 sound pads
  • 2 crossfaders, 4 top knobs, and 2 top knobs
  • Electron mode (aka 12-step autotune)
  • Bluetooth connection

For a full breakdown of the Maonocaster Lite mixer read our dedicated review.

Maonocaster Lite bundle pros

  • Each purchase comes with a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee (with conditions).
  • You get everything needed to start a podcast, including quality-of-life equipment like tripods and wind mufflers.
  • This is an extremely affordable bundle and easy to set up.
  • The system supports both recording and live streaming, which is helpful for podcasters producing shows in both formats.

Maonocaster Lite bundle cons

  • This mixer doesn’t support USB microphones.
  • The ‘podcast headphones’ advertised in this bundle are just earphones. They may not be conducive to the highest-quality sound.
  • There’s no software included in this bundle. If you’re not already using a free DAW, you may need to invest in podcast editing software.
  • There’s no OTG adapter cable included, which means it must be purchased separately.

Maonocaster E2

The Maonocaster E2 is a more robust version of the Maonocaster Lite. In exchange for a higher price tag, you receive additional bells and whistles (like an aux-in port, for example).

Let’s take a look at these features below:

  • 2 mic inputs
  • 2 headphone inputs
  • 3 audio effect buttons (includes wet/dry effects, sidechain, loopback, reverb presets, and music-only filters)
  • 11 sound pad buttons
  • 1 aux-in port
  • Autotune
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Phantom power

Read more about the Maonocaster E2 in our dedicated guide.

Maonocaster E2 bundle pros

  • You get a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can return the bundle if there’s a problem.
  • The mixer is larger and more robust than the Lite, capable of recording two people at once).
  • This bundle comes with equipment you can’t get with the Lite, including an XLR mic, shock mount, and metal pop filter.
  • This podcast equipment bundle is less than half the cost of other alternatives (which we’ll cover later in this guide).

Maonocaster E2 bundle cons

  • Like the Lite bundle, the Maonocaster E2 bundle doesn’t come with podcast editing software. You need to use what you already have or purchase a new DAW.
  • The mixer itself doesn’t support USB microphones or XLR to XLR microphones. We cover all this in our Maonocaster E2 guide.
  • If you want better audio equipment than earphones, you need to purchase it separately. Maono MH501 headphones are some of the most popular.
  • In exchange for a lower price, this bundle may have limited features compared with other podcast equipment bundles. This may or may not have an impact on you, however.

Maono Podcast Equipment Bundle hardware

Here’s what you get when you buy Maono Podcast Equipment Bundles.

Maonocaster bundles are extremely similar overall. However, there are a few small differences in the accessories you get.

This is what you get with the Maonocaster Lite bundle:

  • The AM200 audio mixer
  • Earphones
  • AU-PM360TR condenser microphone (comes with mic tripod and windscreen muff)
  • USB A-C charging cable
  • Two 3.5 mm TRRS audio cables
  • User manual

And this is what you get with the Maonocaster E2 bundle

  • The AME2 audio mixer
  • Earphones
  • PM320 XLR microphone (comes with a mic stand, shock mount, and pop filter)
  • USB A-C charging cable
  • Two 3.5 mm TRRS audio cables
  • User manual

Keep in mind both bundles have a limited warranty and Maono’s money-back guarantee.

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Should you buy the Maonocaster Lite bundle or the Maonocaster E2 bundle?

Which Maonocaster podcast equipment bundle makes sense for your use case?

First, let’s look at how they compare at a glance:

 Maonocaster LiteMaonocaster E2
Headphone Outputs12
Mic Inputs12
Phantom powerNoYes
XLR Microphone InputNoYes
Gain SettingNoYes
AutotuneYes, ElectronYes, autotune
MicrophoneDynamic microphone (Vocaster DM1 or DM14v)CM25 MkIII condenser microphone

If you’re recording a solo show, the Maonocaster Lite bundle may be a good option. It’s simple, easy to use, and extremely cost-effective.

If you’re recording a show with two or more individuals, you may need to purchase the Maonocaster E2 bundle. Not only do you get two mic inputs instead of one, but you also have access to phantom power and an XLR input if necessary.

How to use Maono Podcast Equipment Bundles

Learning how to use Maono Podcast Equipment Bundles.

Both Maonocaster bundles come with everything you need to set up a podcast in minutes.

Although the process looks different depending on how you choose to record, you can get up and running with these basic steps:

  1. Unbox and set up your microphone(s). You need to install the shock mount or windscreen depending on the bundle you buy.
  2. Use your mic cable to connect with your mixer. If you’re using the AME2, adjust your gain to a suitable level.
  3. Connect your mixer to an external device via the USB-C cable. This could be your phone, tablet, or laptop.
  4. Plug in your earphones and adjust the output volume as necessary.
  5. Open your podcast editing software and select your mixer as the audio input.
  6. Select your audio presets or effects as desired.
  7. You can now record, edit, publish, and promote your podcast.

Here’s a visual guide to setting up the Maonocaster Lite bundle:

And here’s another guide for setting up a Maonocaster E2 bundle:

Other Maono Podcast Equipment Bundles

There are a few other Maono bundles deserving an honorable mention.

Here’s a bird’s-eye view of three runner’s up that might be worth your consideration:

Alternatives to Maono Podcast Equipment Bundles

Maono’s bundles may be cost-effective, but they may not necessarily have the features you need.

If you’re concerned that neither podcast bundle offers what you’re looking for, one of these alternatives may be a better fit.

Focusrite Podcast Bundles

Focusrite Podcast Bundles are an alternative to Maono Podcast Equipment Bundles.

Focusrite’s podcast bundles are similar to Maono’s — they’re cost-effective options for your initial foray into podcasting. Their two most popular audio mixers, the Vocaster 2 and the Scarlett 2i2, come with closed-back headphones and podcast recording software.

Just keep in mind the cost of a Focusrite bundle is nearly twice that of a Maono bundle. You also don’t get lifetime access to all software (although with Maono, you don’t get software at all).

You can learn more about Focusrite’s bundles in our comprehensive guide.

Squarock Podcast Bundle

Squarock can be an affordable alternative to Maono bundles.

The Maonocaster Lite and E2 bundles provide a great starting point for new podcasters, but the Squarock Commander M-1 offers a unique proposition for those specifically interested in livestreaming and remote podcasting. This bundle caters to the essentials of podcasting without overwhelming beginners with unnecessary complexity:

  • Perfect for livestreaming with its mixer that supports real-time audio management
  • Includes a wide range of microphone accessories to enhance recording quality
  • Competitively priced at $189.99, offering great value for podcasters just starting out

Much like Maono’s podcast equipment bundles, however, the Commander M-1 podcast bundle doesn’t come with editing software. You can use podcast AI to do some of the heavy lifting, including solutions like Adobe Enhance.

RØDE Podcast Bundle

You can use the RØDE Podcast Bundle in place of Maono Podcast Equipment Bundles.

RØDE’s PodMic 2-Person Podcast Kit is one of the most complete podcast equipment bundles on the market. Each purchase comes with a mixer, two mics, and two boom arms, as well as the NTH-100 over-ear headphones.

But this podcast equipment bundle doesn’t come cheap — in contrast to Maono, it’s one of the most expensive kits out there. But with an extremely advanced mixer and state-of-the-art microphones, you’re unlikely to need an upgrade anytime soon.

The bottom line on Maono Podcast Equipment Bundles

Maono’s cost-effective equipment bundles are a practical way to get started with podcasting. But without the addition of editing software, it could be difficult to achieve the sound you’re looking for.

The Podcast Consultant is available to help with these podcast production needs. In addition to our audio and video production support, we perform extensive podcast audits to help improve your show.

Are you in the beginning stages of a business podcast? We also offer podcast launching services. When balanced alongside our social media collateral, you can widen your audience and broaden your appeal.

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