Podcast Equipment Bundles: The Comprehensive Guide

This is your comprehensive guide to podcast equipment bundles.

Ready to begin your podcasting journey? A podcast equipment bundle can get you up and running fast.

But with so many options on the market today, it can be tough to make an informed decision.

That’s why our team put together this guide: so you can evaluate the top podcast equipment bundles and make the best decision for your needs.

The best podcast equipment bundles for business podcasts are:

  • Focusrite: Best podcast equipment bundles with editing software
  • Maonocaster: Best podcast equipment bundles for existing equipment
  • Squarock: Best podcast equipment bundles for shows on a budget
  • RØDE: Best podcast equipment bundles for quality equipment

We examine the prices, features, and limitations of each bundle so you can choose the right one for your show. We also compare a few alternatives in case none of the above meets your needs.

Struggling to choose the right bundle on your shortlist? You can find a buyer’s checklist at the bottom of this guide.

But before we dive in, let’s set the record straight — here’s what you can expect from the best podcast equipment bundles.

Podcast Equipment Bundles: The Comprehensive Guide

What’s included in a podcast equipment bundle

Every podcast equipment bundle looks a little different. That said, the vast majority come with standard equipment like:

  • A podcast interface. This could be a podcast mixer or a podcast audio interface, depending on the company or bundle you buy.
  • Headphones. Most bundled podcast headphones come with headphones (go outside the ear) or earphones (go inside the ear).
  • Microphones. Depending on the bundle, you may also receive specialty equipment and podcast recording accessories like pop filters and windscreen muffs. 
  • Boom stands. There are two different types of microphone booms: traditional tripods, and suspension arms. The stand you receive will depend on your bundle.
  • Cables. You’ll likely get TRRS cables for headphones, XLR cables for microphones, and USB-C cables for charging your audio interface (or connecting with a recording device).

Some bundles also come with podcast editing software, although this is the exception rather than the rule.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the best podcast equipment bundles.

The best podcast equipment bundles at a glance

What do you get in the best podcast equipment bundles?

The chart below has all the details.

Vocaster One StudioHP60v closed-back headphones
Vocaster DM1 studio microphone with pop filterHindenburg LITE; SquadCast Pro + Video (3 months); Acast Influencer (6 months); Ampify Studio Premium (6 months)XLR to XLR microphone cable; USB-C to USB-A cable; 3-year warranty$129.99 USD
Vocaster Two StudioHP60v closed-back headphonesVocaster DM14v broadcast microphoneAcast Influencer plan (6 months); Vocaster Hub; Hindenburg LITEXLR to XLR microphone cable; USB-C to USB-A cable; 3-year warranty$299.99 USD
Maonocaster LiteWire earphones
AU-PM360TR condenser microphone, mic tripod, and windscreen muffn/aUSB A-C charging cable;Two 3.5 mm TRRS audio cables; user manual
$79.99 USD
Maonocaster E2Wired earphonesMaonocaster PM320 XLR microphone; mic stand; shock mount; pop filtern/aUSB A-C charging cable;Two 3.5 mm TRRS audio cables; user manual$169.99 USD
COMMANDER M1 bundle for two Two 3.5 mm wired earphones2 dynamic microphones; 2 mic suspension booms; 2 scissor arms; 2 mic shock mounts; 2 mic head cover foamsn/a2 XLR cables; 2 USB data cables; two 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm audio cables; six two Hook and Loop tape sets (Velcro); user manual$189.99 USD
Creator Bundle1 x NTH-1001 x PodMicn/a1 x RØDECaster Duo; PSA1+ professional studio arm; 1x XLR-3$911.00 USD
Podcaster Bundle2 x NTH-100
2 x PodMic
1 x RØDECaster Duo; PSA1+ professional studio arms; 2x XLR-3$1,323.00 USD
Ultimate Podcaster Bundle4 x NTH-1004 x PodMicn/a1 x RØDECaster Pro II; PSA1+ professional studio arm; 4x XLR-3$2,347.00 USD

Keep reading for a full breakdown of each bundle.

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Podcast equipment bundles for one

These are the best podcast equipment bundles for single-person shows.

You may want to consider this avenue if:

  • You’re the only host of your show (and plan to keep it that way)
  • You can manage any guests remotely, especially with call-ins
  • You’re getting into podcasting for the first time

E2 and Lite: Maonocaster equipment bundle

Maono Podcast Bundles may be suitable alternatives to Squarock Podcast Equipment Bundles.
Cost-effective equipmentComes with earphones only (you must purchase podcast headphones separately)
Autotune/Electron support
Customizable sound pads

Maono’s podcast equipment bundles are a cost-effective way to purchase audio equipment at scale. Their most popular bundles — the Maonocaster Lite and the Maonocaster E2 — come with a mixer, earphones, a mic, and mic accessories (such as pop filters).

Because both of these bundles have such affordable prices, you may not get all the features you want from a mixer. You may also need to purchase some secondary equipment, such as a pair of closed-back headphones for editing purposes.

You can compare these bundles in our guide to Maono podcast equipment bundles.

E2 and Lite Maonocaster bundle features

  • Podcast mixer (either the AME2 or the AM200)
  • Microphone (either the AU-PM360TR or the PM320 XLR)
  • Earphones (wired)
  • Mic accessories (shock mounts, pop filters, boom arms, and more)

E2 and Lite Maonocaster bundle pricing

RØDE Creator: RØDE podcast equipment bundle

Let’s compare RØDE podcast equipment bundles.
Quality equipmentOne of the more expensive options
All-in-one production studio (RØDECaster Duo)
Requires no other outside equipment

The RØDE Creator bundle is an industry-standard for solo business podcasters. It comes with everything necessary to launch a new podcast — no outside hardware or microphones required.

But if you don’t already have podcast editing software, be prepared to do some research. You won’t get a DAW with your purchase of the Creator bundle, despite its above-average price tag.

You can compare this and other RØDE podcast bundles in our complete guide.

RØDE Creator bundle features

  • 1 RØDECaster Duo
  • 1 set of NTH-100 headphones
  • 1 PodMic microphone
  • 1 PSA1+ boom arm

RØDE Creator bundle pricing

Vocaster One Studio: Podcast Equipment Bundle

Learn more about the Focusrite Vocaster One Studio podcast equipment bundle.
Simplifies the podcast setup process, ideal for beginnersCertain connectivity options require specific cables, which are not included in the bundle
Integrates seamlessly with other devices, enhancing your podcast’s production quality
Includes Hindenburg Lite and six months of Acast Influencer, providing all the necessary tools for podcast production

This bundle is not only affordable but also packed with features like Auto Gain control and voice enhancement presets to ensure professional-quality sound. However, note that while it includes Hindenburg Lite software, you might want to explore other DAW options to suit your editing needs.

You can compare this and other Focusrite podcast bundles in our comprehensive guide.

Vocaster One Studio bundle features

  • Broadcast Quality Sound
  • Auto Gain Control
  • Voice Enhancements
  • Connectivity Options
  • The Vocaster Hub software
  • Vocaster DM1 dynamic microphone
  • HP60v closed-back studio headphones

Vocaster One Studio bundle pricing

  • Originally $259.00 USD, now available for $129.00 USD

Podcast equipment bundles for two

These podcast equipment bundles support two people or more. 

This may be the right option for you if:

  • You’re running a podcast with another host
  • You host multiple guests on each episode
  • You want to upgrade your existing podcast equipment

COMMANDER M1: Squarock podcast equipment bundle

Here’s what you get when you buy Squarock Podcast Equipment Bundles.
Livestream-enabled mixerNo editing software included
Plenty of microphone accessories
Host up to two guests at once

Squarock’s COMMANDER M1 bundle was specifically designed for livestreamers. With its 3,600mAh battery, you can record remotely for eight to 10 hours.

Just keep in mind you don’t get editing software with the COMMANDER M1 bundle. You’ll have to purchase a separate DAW or turn to podcast AI like Adobe Enhance.

You can learn more about the COMMANDER M1 (and the COMMANDER M100) in our guide to Squarock equipment bundles.

COMMANDER M1 bundle features

  • 2 dynamic microphones
  • 2 microphone boom arms
  • Two 3.5mm earphones
  • 2 microphone shock holders
  • 2 microphone spray protectors
  • 2 foam microphone head covers
  • 2 XLR cables
  • 2 USB cables
  • 2 3.5mm audio cables
  • 4 strips of Velcro

COMMANDER M1 bundle pricing

RØDE Podcaster: RØDE podcast equipment bundle

Learn more about the RØDE Podcaster podcast equipment bundle.
Plug-and-play podcasting bundleAbove-average price point
State-of-the-art equipment
Supports call-in guests

The RØDE Podcaster bundle has everything needed to host a show with 2+ guests. Each bundle comes with two mics and two headphones, plus a call-in feature so you can host a remote visitor.

Just keep in mind this is going to cost you — the RØDE Podcaster bundle is one of the most expensive on our list. But it’s nothing compared to the RØDE Ultimate Podcaster bundle, which costs $1,000 more on average.

We compare both of these options in our guide to RØDE podcast equipment bundles.

RØDE Podcaster bundle features

  • 1 RØDECaster Duo
  • 2 PodMics
  • 2 NTH-100 headphones
  • 2 PSA1+ mic booms

RØDE Podcaster bundle pricing

Vocaster Two Studio: Focusrite podcast equipment bundle

Learn more about the Focusrite Vocaster Two Studio podcast equipment bundle.
Excellent software bundleYou have to purchase a second mic separately
Quality headphones (not earbuds)Some software has time limitations
Bluetooth connectivity

The Vocaster Two Studio is an all-in-one bundle for recording, editing, and publishing business podcasts. Each package comes with one mic, a pair of headphones, and audio editing software. You’ll also have a subscription to Acast Influencer.

Just be aware there’s no second mic in this bundle, even if the Vocaster Two has two mic inputs. The software bundle also has its limits — the included Acast Influencer plan runs out in just six months.

Learn more about the Vocaster Two Studio bundle in our full product review.

Vocaster Two Studio bundle features

  • 1 Vocaster DM14v dynamic mic
  • 1 pair of HP60v closed-back studio headphones
  • 1 Vocaster Two audio interface
  • Software bundle (Acast Influencer plan (6 months), Vocaster Hub, and Hindenburg LITE)

Vocaster Two Studio bundle pricing

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Choosing the right podcast equipment bundle

As you can see, there are many different podcast equipment bundles on the market today.

So how do you make the right decision?

Once you have a shortlist, be sure to:

  • Evaluate your budget. Ask yourself: how much are you willing to pay? Would you be willing to extend your budget if necessary?
  • Write down your non-negotiables. Need podcast editing software? Want dynamic mics versus condenser mics? Cross out any bundle that doesn’t meet your needs.
  • Assess value for price. Is the money you’re paying equal to the value you get out of the bundle? If not, it’s time to strike it off the list.
  • Consider brand authority. Do you trust the name, branding, and value prop of the audio company? Are you confident you’re getting the quality you want?
  • Forecast future needs. Do you plan on adding a co-host to your show? Will you host additional guests in the future? This can help you determine the mixer you need.

If you want more advice about picking the right equipment, our free podcast launching guide can help you get started.

Alternative and DIY bundles

Podcast equipment bundles aren’t always one-size-fits-all. Even with all the options on this list, there may be something else you’re looking for.

You may want to explore alternative bundles like:

  • The RØDE Ultimate Creator bundle: Get four mics, four sets of headphones, and the RØDECaster Pro II for $2,347 USD.
  • ZOOM PodTrak P8 bundle: Get four ZDM-1 mics, four tripods, four sets of headphones, and the Zoom PodTrak P8 for $719.95 USD.
  • TASCAM Mixcast 4 B-1 bundle: Get one TM-70 broadcast microphone, TH-02 multi-use headphones, and the TASCAM Mixcast 4 for $519.00 USD.

Just want to mix and match your favorite components? 

You can DIY your own bundle by picking your favorite:

The bottom line on podcast equipment bundles

Podcast equipment bundles can get your foot in the door with business podcasting. Choosing the right set can help you get started faster so you can catapult your show from good to great. To make the most out of your podcasting efforts, learn how to analyze vital podcast metrics by visiting our in-depth guide on podcast performance.

Of course, podcast equipment bundles don’t offer everything needed to start a successful show. You still need to familiarize yourself with podcast production processes, social media asset creation, podcast auditing, and more.

Still on the hunt for more podcasting equipment?

Some of these resources may be helpful: