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Invest Like the Best is a series of interviews with leading investors where we capture and share some of the best stories and insights on business and investing.

Invest Like the Best is the flagship show of the Colossus Collective which includes Business Breakdowns, Web3 Breakdowns, Making Media, Founders, 50x, Return on India, and Founders Field Guide.

Services Used

Podcast Launch | Audio Podcast Production and Editing | Show Notes | Music

Reasons for working with TPC

TPC acts as an extension of our team. We trust their input on the content, and as we've expanded into new shows, we've trusted their ability to maintain a high-quality bar. Our guests are often making their first public appearance, and we want to ensure it's a top-notch experience for them. We know TPC can make that happen.

Best things about TPC

Beyond reliability, TPC understands our unique content type and we trust their editing won't "miss the message". We have built a system with TPC that allows for a smooth production process start to finish. Whenever we need to adjust that process, we know we can hop on a call and adjust accordingly.