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Our podcast audit service offers 5-star advice and guidance to elevate your show to the next level.

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You’ve been planning the launch of your podcast for months now, or perhaps even years.

The theme is official, the content is planned, and the listeners are waiting – but have you taken everything into account?

After all, creating a successful show is so much more than hitting ‘Record’ and seeing where it takes you. The industry is constantly changing, and with that you have to remain adaptable.

That’s where The Podcast Consultant comes in, to boost your show’s potential while you continue doing what you do best: producing incredible content.

the steps to success

Following the completion of our podcast audit, your show will…

Appear directly in front of target audiences across all streaming platforms.

Offer maximum value to listeners, with crisp audio and an effortless flow.

Generate intrigue among industry reporters, the media, and potential fans.

not your average audit

People usually dread audits – but not this one.

The Podcast Consultant will dive straight in, researching every aspect of your show before creating a robust, 100% implementable action plan.

Our founder, Mathew Passy, has over 15 years’ experience in the world of producing and marketing podcasts, meaning he knows exactly what it takes to build a show that listeners are guaranteed to love!


Our podcast audit service provides a comprehensive review of your show, with invaluable top tips to make it stand out from the crowd.

While The Podcast Consultant is on a mission to help shows like yours disrupt the podcast industry, the actual audit process has been designed to cause as little hassle as possible.


The Podcast Consultant will listen to a selection of your most recent podcast episodes, assessing the show’s format, production value, length, flow, and on-air performance.

We will then offer pointers to help improve the sound quality and your workflow. Think of it as us lending you our professional ‘ears’, allowing you to roll out your show with confidence.


We lend you our professional “ears” to check for sound quality. We listen to your podcast for the format, production value, length, flow, and on-air performance. Suggestions will be made to improve the sound quality and your workflow.  


What measures do you take to promote your show? Are you engaging your Instagram followers daily? Is your website inspiring or disengaging potential listeners?

The Podcast Consultant knows all about the most effective, least time-consuming techniques that producers like you can use to capture the hearts of listeners and leave them craving more.

Podcast audit packages

Standard audit

Analysis and Consulting Time
$ 500
  • 60 Minute Call
  • Recorded Video Call
  • Unlimited Questions*
  • Discuss Podcast Goals and Effectiveness
  • Review Title/Description/Artwork
  • Evaluate Show Discoverability
  • Sound check audio on the fly
  • Assess Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Review Podcast Website
  • Max 2 Participants

Premium Audit

Deep Dive and 3 Hours of Consulting Time
$ 1500
  • Everything Included in the Deluxe Audit
  • 3 Hours of Call Time*
  • One Week Advanced Research By Consultant
  • Chance to Send Additional Materials in Advance**
  • Prepared Report with Findings
  • Max 7 Participants
Best Value