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What podcast services do you provide?

At The Podcast Consultant, we specialize in the following services:

    • Podcast audits
    • Podcast consulting
    • Audio production
    • Video production
    • Remote recording

Do you work with particular podcast themes/topics?

The Podcast Consultant is proud to offer its services to shows of all sizes, topics, and themes.

Visit our Services page to discover how we can help boost your show’s success today.

How much do you charge per podcast episode?

Rather than charging a specific amount per episode, we have various price plans on offer.

    • Podcast audits: choose between our instant and premium packages, with extra add-ons available.
    • Podcast consulting: we provide both one-off and ongoing support, with consulting calls starting at $199 per hour.
    • Audio & visual production: our 3 packages are priced according to the level of support you require, with surcharges and optional add-ons.
    • Remote recording: this service ranges from $65 to $85 per hour, with discounts available for existing clients of The Podcast Consultant.

Do you offer one-off or long-term support?

Both – it all depends on our clients’ individual needs!

Whether you lack the technical know-how or don’t have time to edit and publish episodes, we at The Podcast Consultant are here to do the legwork for you.

I don’t know which hosting platforms are best for my show. Can you help?

Of course!

As part of our audio and video production services, we upload episodes to different hosting platforms on your behalf. 

Additionally, our podcast consulting service offers guidance around publishing your show and promoting it among target audiences.