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The podcasting world has skyrocketed in recent years, thanks to how convenient it is for listeners to tune in on the go.

Whether you already have a podcast or are about to launch one, why not make life easier by outsourcing all your audio production needs to The Podcast Consultant?


We understand that clients of The Podcast Consultant lead busy lives, dedicating any free time they have to working on and building a successful podcast show.

This service exists to relieve clients of the most important yet time-consuming task of all: audio production.

Remove verbal ticks (especially those pesky ‘ums’)

Eliminate coughs, sneezes, interruptions & pick-ups

Ensure that natural speech patterns are maintained

Tighten conversation gaps without disturbing the flow

Process audio, equalize levels & add production elements

Publish the episode on hosting platforms for the client


Our team produces podcast episodes that clients feel proud to share with listeners.

We guarantee crisp-sounding, smooth-flowing audio that comes across as professional – and we even publish the episode so that you don’t have to!

This service is just one of the many offered by The Podcast Consultant to give you a more simple, enjoyable podcasting experience.

audio production packages

Audio Only

$ 200 per episode < 60 minutes
per episode < 30 minutes = $150
  • 3 Voices
  • Comprehensive Audio Editing - make sure all subjects sound professional by removing “Ums” and other verbal ticks, coughs, sneezes, interruptions, pick-ups, & tighten conversational gaps
  • Process Audio & equalize levels
  • Add production elements
  • Episode Publishing

Audio & Summary

$ 400 per episode < 60 minutes
  • Everything Included in Audio Only
  • Basic Show Notes - Title, episode summary, bullet points of key topic discussions, and relevant links
  • Transcript

Audio summary
& Social

$ 1,000 per episode < 60 minutes
  • Everything Included in Audio & Summary
  • Social Media Assets - Two video teasers (up to 60 seconds in length), that include moving waveform and subtitles (Square and Rectangle) 2 social quote images based off content of the episode.
Best Value
If the raw audio for your show is under 30 minutes, or it features more than 3 voices, feel free to contact us to receive a tailored price plan.

Looking for more?

While we strive to provide everyone with a consistent and professional experience, you may have unique needs that are not addressed above. We’re happy to discuss your specific podcast requests and craft a production package that is right for you!  Reach out today and let us know how we can help you with your audio production needs.